Our company was founded in 2001 and is engaged in manufacturing all kinds of spring products and complexity:

  • compression springs
  • extension springs
  • torsion
  • tape coil springs
  • spring seal
  • springs for fishing equipment
  • spring buffer and counterweight for elevators
  • springs for cars

Our products are made by hot and cold coiling, and used in the manufacture of railway transport, agricultural machinery, engineering, automotive, furniture production. For elevators, our company manufactures springs counterbalance S.125.027., Buffer springs, S.125.033., Door springs.


Spring production is carried out using rods certified steels 65G, 60S2A, 50HFA etc., stainless steels 20X13, 30X13, 12X18H10T, etc., with a diameter of 0.2 mm to 30.0 mm. On request, products can be made ​​of other steel grades, provided by the customer.
Our product quality and compliance with state standards is confirmed by a specialized laboratory.